General Information

We are always striving to improve the quality of our event and the overall participant experience. We base these decisions on participant feedback, participation numbers, and costs. That has slowly brought various changes over the past couple years, including this year's event. We really want to make it so the rules and setup are as simple as possible for the participants and the staff. We hope that this year we have streamlined enough of the rules and setup that it provides for a much more enjoyable and efficient event. 

Currently, we plan on continuing our partnership with Race Day Events to bring chip timing for our event. This provides more detailed results for the participants and an ease of management for our staff at the event. This does come at a fairly high cost, though. Our main goal is always to provide as much funding to our local Relay For Life as possible, so this part of the event is always dependent on a sponsor. If at any time that changes, we will update the site as soon as possible. 

Based on participant interest and numbers, we have also changed the Duathlon to a KIDS ONLY event for 10-17-year-olds. The Triathlon will strictly be for 18+ adults doing the entire event or a relay team of 3 participants - one person per leg. 

The water portion is a KAYAK ONLY event. We do not handicap for different sizes of kayaks based on the length of the race leg. It does not appear to have much of an impact on this length of a race, so we will allow any length of the kayak without a handicap. Please do not bring or request to use canoes, paddle boards or other boats. This is to keep our event generally consistent for the participants and for the management of the event. 

There will be some water stations, a designated transition area for participants, lunch served for participants with a small cost for guests and hopefully a beautiful day to go with it!

Race Rules


KIDS DUATHLON (Run and Bike):

  • 10-17-year-olds only
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall awards
  • Bikers must wear a helmet at ALL TIMES, including in the transition area if on the bike.
  • Bikers should not dismount the bike until in the transition area. 



  • TOTAL PARTICIPATION IS CAPPED AT roughly 50 kayaks worth! We do this based on logistics and realistic management goals for us as well as for your safety. Staging and monitoring more folks than that on the water, though obviously on the water at different intervals, would be a difficult task based on current layout and staff availability. If participation continues to go up, this will be reevaluated. 
  • 18+ participants only
  • Compete as an individual or as a three-person relay team.
  • Bikers must wear a helmet at ALL TIMES, including in the transition area if on the bike.
  • Bikers should not dismount the bike until in the transition area. 
  • Participants need to stage their kayaks near the water before race start. Staff will help direct you on where to stage it. 
  • Kayaks only for that leg of the event.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place overall only for relay teams. 
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for men and women in age groups, 18-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50+ 
  • Overall 1st place male and female with a special award.
  • The park does have some kayaks for rent on day of race. First come, first serve. 

If you have any questions or concerns about other details, please let us know!